Page 2: “Kit White playing his Anglo Concertina page 297” should read “Kit Jones playing his…”

Pages 2 and 12: The last two words of the caption below the illustration should read “…Fingering Instructions”, not “…Bowing Instructions”.

Pages 96-97: Information has come to light subsequent to publication that the newspaper report about the Penny Reading held at the Mechanics Institute at Reeth in 1867 was inaccurate in claiming that it was attended by Leyburn Quadrille Band. The band in question was Reeth Quadrille Band, which comprised Ward Peacock (fiddle), Thomas Hammond (melodeon) and Hornby Croft (cello). The leader of Leyburn Quadrille Band at this time was William Sanderson.

Page 177: Peter Kennedy was incorrect in asserting that Gordon Cutty played an Anglo concertina; he played an English concertina.

Page 203: John Beresford and Alice Storey had two more children who were not included in the genealogical table: Mary Bell Beresford (Yockenthwaite) 1913-2001 m. Frank Lambert in 1939, a farmer from Bainbridge, Wensleydale; Roger Beresford (Yockenthwaite) 1916-2004 m. Jessie White in 1940 and farmed at Raisgill, Langstrothdale.

Pages 203, 258 and 261: The name of Harry Cockerill’s wife Cicely has been mis-spelt as Cecily. The registration of her birth recorded her name incorrectly as Cecily, but the 1939 Identity Register and the marriage index both showed it correctly as Cicely, a spelling that has been confirmed by her daughter, Val. It is spelt correctly elsewhere on page 258 and on pages 259 and 262.

Pages 260 and 2: The photograph has been wrongly captioned as Harry Cockerill. It is actually a photograph of George ‘Segrave’ Beresford (1912-61), whose biography is on pages 211-12.

Page 280: Harry Cockerill’s Waltz No.5 has been identified as Gluss Ayre, composed by Shetland fiddler Frank Ronald Jamieson.

Page 302: The melodeon player in the photograph was Joseph Rayner Jnr. (1886-1918). Standing to his right was his father, Joseph Rayner Snr. (1855-1942). Seated was his brother James (1884-1955). All three were blacksmiths at Melmerby in Coverdale.

Page 317: The accordionist in the photograph was Mrs. Annie Metcalfe from Grange Farm, Linton in Wharfedale. From left to right, the fiddlers were Ellen Boothman, Kenneth Hird, and Sammy Stables.