Reader’s Comments

Steve Dumpleton (Sheffield): The book is outstanding. Painstakingly researched, superbly written, beautifully produced and illustrated. It is a highly significant contribution to our knowledge of traditional Dales musicians and their music.

Andy Wooles (Cheshire): You should be immensely proud of what you have achieved in this excellent book. All those months and years of research have culminated in a book which is much more than just a tune collection, but really brings the tunes to life in their historic context. 

Rob Phillips (Manchester): Your book arrived today. I opened the packaging and — wow! What a substantial book. Then I started to leaf through. Oh my, so much high quality work has gone into this. To say I was very impressed is a huge understatement. I think it’s a superb achievement, something that will give musicians pleasure for many years to come. Congratulations on a very fine book! Subsequently, Rob wrote: The more time I’ve spent with the book, the more I’ve realised what an important book it is.  Although you might not have toured the Dales making field recordings on wax cylinders your careful drawing together of source material does, I think, put you “up there” with the documentarians of folk music and dance of earlier generations. The book is both fascinating in the here-and-now for people such as myself, as well as being a mine of information for serious scholars in the future. 

Neil Diment (Blackshaw Head, West Yorkshire): It’s such an amazing undertaking – and one I have started reading from cover to cover, whilst also dipping in at other sections that caught my eye! I particularly enjoy the biographical descriptions and historical details which give a fascinating insight and context to both the tunes and their performers. Overall it is a magnificent piece of work!

Peadar O’Donnghaile (Isle of Skye): I have had a chance to look inside this beautifully presented book now – only a quick flick through but enough to confirm that this is well researched, well written and well laid out. A social study as much as a tune book. I particularly like that Bob has chosen to present tunes both in the key they were collected and in the keys modern day musicians are likely to use….and then the physical presentation – hard cover, spring back binding, clear type, sharply printed staff notation and illustrations, it even smells good. This is a book to be read and enjoyed.  Thanks again.

Roger Howard (Boston, Lincolnshire): After only spending an afternoon with it, I’ve begun to realise what a fabulous book this is. The amount of work and the level of care and research is of the very highest order. Congratulations to Bob and everyone else who had a hand in it. It’s something to be proud of. 

Alison Bravington (Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire): I’m not usually one for historical tomes or tune books after years working in publishing, but this one is a little bit different. This book is crafted with real love and care for the subject matter, the layout is incredibly clear, the attention to detail really impressive and the choice of photographs and narrative anecdotes makes it so much more than just a book of tunes.

Scott Barker (Perth, Scotland): It is a beautiful book and the amount of research that must have gone into this is incredible. Great stories and information throughout. 

Rob Lowe (Lancaster): It is a beautiful book, and full of incredible detail. I love the historical notes, the photographs and reproductions of sources. The writing is engaging and full of fascinating insights and snippets from earlier sources. The whole book is melodeon friendly (hurray!) with tunes presented both in their originally-notated keys and DG friendly keys. There’s a collection of popular dance instructions at the back. And all presented in a really high quality binding that looks and feels great and allows the book to lie open flat. Did I mention it was beautiful? I’m so glad to have bought this – thank you Bob for such an incredible amount of work. (And it’s a bargain!)